November 2016 Favorites

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This month went by faster than hot pepperoni pizza at a party. lol I’ve been thinking about pizza all day, sorry about the basic girl analogy. I think this month was super great for me personally! Anyway these are my top five makeup products for November 2016.


E.L.F Perfect Finish HD Powder ($6)

  • As you can tell from my previous posts, I love spending the least amount possible. I love how decently priced this setting powder is. I mean a girls got to have a pizza budget every month!
  • It’s translucent and it comes with a mirror which is a huge plus in my book.
  • It is compact, and it is pressed translucent powder. I hate having to deal with loose powders that are messy.
  • I think this is a great product for the price. I think it works great, and it holds my makeup very well. I do have to touch up a couple hours later, but I don’t mind.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario ($49)

  • I can’t believe this is the first product that I’ve ever purchased by ABH. The eyeshadows are super pigmented, soft, and creamy.
  • My favorite colors are 5th Ave, Lula, Isabel, Violeta, Kim, Muse, and Hollywood.
  • The colors are mostly neutral, which are great because I use those colors frequently.

Silk Naturals HD Cream Blush in Limoncello ( $4.50)

  • Again, for the price you can’t go wrong with this highlighter. I always get compliments on my highlight when I wear this.
  • It is a gorgeous golden color, and it is very flattering on my light medium skin color.
  • It comes in a stick formula. The way I apply it is by putting it on my finger, and then tapping it on my cheekbone.

Wet n’ Wild Eyeshadow Primer ($4.50)

  • I was running low on my Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer, and I saw this one at Target. After using it twice, I can definitely say that this primer works.
  • It does it’s job by keeping the eyeshadow in place.
  • It comes in a tube which makes it easy to use.

E.L.F Intense Ink Eyeliner ($3)

  • OMG this eyeliner is great!!! I can’t emphasize this enough. I was thoroughly impressed by this eyeliner.
  • It has a fine point, which is easy to use.
  • It lasts all day long! Seriously-it lasts all day long. I think for the price this is amazing! I would definitely buy this eyeliner again and again. It easily beats the Milani eyeliner that I reviewed in my last post.
  • I was surprised that this eyeliner was any good, especially because the tube is sort of short and thick.

These five products definitely impressed me this month, and I had to write about them. I felt super passionate about these products this month!

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