5 Things I’ve Learned My First Year Going Cruelty Free

At this time last year I was researching makeup brands, and finding out which were cruelty free. Here are five things that I learned about going cruelty free.

  • The first thing I learned was that it was difficult to find my holy grail cruelty free products. Mascara was one of the most difficult things to find, since I was obsessed with Covergirl’s orange lash blast mascara. I eventually found my holy grail which is Pacifica’s Dream Big mascara. I guess what I want to say is that it is a lot of trial error in switching to cruelty free makeup products.

  • Shop at TJMaxx for cruelty free brands. I bought Crystal deodorant, and Jason shampoo for a reasonable price at TJMaxx. I also found this gem (pictured) at TJMaxx, I only wish it was a larger container, since it made me feel like I traveled to Hawaii.

  • The brand E.L.F became my best friend. I really liked the eyeliner, and HD translucent powder (pictured). I also love E.L.F brushes. They are soft and affordable, I think the most expensive one is $3. Like are you kidding!

  • Buy samples or travel size makeup products. I bought the Vapour sample kit which was about $17 with shipping, but I got a $10 promo code, and I figured out which product I wanted to buy full size. You should definitely switch to cruelty free products slowly, and I think buying samples or travel size makes it easy because you can decide which product you like the most.

  • I became more aware of the ingredients in the products. I started watching Laura’s Natural Life on YouTube, and she made me aware of more green products that I should be using. Towards the end of the year I found out about The Organic Bunny, and I absolutely love her blog. For the new year I will be switching to more green makeup products. I will upload a blog post about why I am switching to green products later.

Please tell me what you think, and let me know what your experience has been since switching to cruelty free makeup products.

Thanks Beauties!

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Best of Silk Naturals

Cheers! The end of 2016 is near. I’ve been wanting to write a post about Silk Naturals  since I purchased some products a couple months ago. So here’s my review.

HD Cream Highlighter in limoncello– You must try this highlighter, and I think it was in my November Favorites. The great thing about this highlighter is that you can apply multiple layers and you will look flawless. It stays put and you will glow all night long. It is vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free. The best part is that it is $4.50 on their website.

Sheer Blush in Lovelace ($6.50)- It is a medium shimmery peach blush, and on the website they compare it to NARS deepthroat blush. It is amazing, and cheap too. I love this blush, but I wish it wasn’t a loose formula.

Sheer Bronzer in Tahiti Sweetie ($6.50)- I honestly don’t know if it is my brush, or what, but this bronzer is sort of patchy on me. It does have good pigmentation, and I would suggest an easy hand when applying. I don’t use bronzer in the winter often, but maybe in the summer I will use this more. Personally for the winter I don’t really like this bronzer, and it isn’t creamy on me either. I would get a sample before you purchase it.

Brightening Concealer in #3 ($6.50)- I really should have bought #2, because #3 is a little dark for my under eyes. I do like this concealer though, and it is loose in a small jar. I think this concealer is good, but not my favorite.

Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bustier and Vice ($5.99)- I think these are mostly like lip balms. They feel thin on the lips, and I think these are good if you need a quick color on your lip, but I would apply a lip gloss over these colors.

My top products that I would recommend are the highlighter and the blush. Please let me know what you think or if you will be purchasing any of these products.

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Gift Guide 2016

As part of the Christmas Challenge I wanted to show you a gift guide. I always give my friends and family members these type of gifts. Personally I love giving gifts that others will use in their life, rather than material items. Please keep reading if you want to learn what items make the best gifts.


  1. Picture Frame

    • Today we can easily send a picture or post it on Instagram, but personally I love printing out my favorite picture of the person that I want to give a gift to.
    • This idea is super thoughtful. In fact, one year my friend gifted me this picture frame, and I gave her the exact same thing. Aw! 🙂 True friendship!
    • It’s super easy. Go to CVS photography or WalMart and you can print and edit a picture of your friend or family member. You can also create a collage on the kiosks, which is what I did.
    • Then, buy a picture frame at The Dollar Store, GoodWill, or Target/Walmart.
    • Next, wrap it up and give it to your loved one.
    • I think this is a great idea, because a picture frame is a great decoration item for the home.
  2. Book

      • I am a huge book warm. I think you should gift your loved one either your favorite book, or a book that you think would make a difference in their life.
      • Books are a great idea, because well knowledge is power right!
      • I think a book is a personal, because then they can share what they thought of the book. I think books can also be life changing, because they have the power to make us think about things in a new way
      • Currently I’m reading You are a Badass How to stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. It is a self help book, and I would recommend it for the person in your life who you know is great, but they might need a little push.

  3. Makeup

    • Of course I was going to suggest a makeup product, I mean this is a makeup blog!
    • If you know your loved one is dying to get a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette, then this is the perfect time to gift it for them. Personally I love makeup, and while fuzzy socks are great too, makeup gifts are a sweet spot for me.
    • If you don’t know what makeup product they want, then buy them a Visa Prepaid card that way they can buy whatever makeup product they like.
    • Check out my November Makeup Favorites for any recommendation

I hope this gift guide helps you out. If you are reading this thank you for taking the time out of your day to read it, and I truly hope it inspires you to give thoughtful gifts. I hope you have a great Christmas, and please cherish the moments with your loved ones.



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